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All of our tutors hold at least one degree from either Oxford or Cambridge. This means that you will learn from some of the brightest academic minds in Britain.


Not only are our tutors handpicked for their stellar intellectual achievements, we carefully select those who have a proven track record of helping students around the world achieve high grades, and who have demonstrated excellence in the teaching arena with glowing testimonials and consistently high results. 


We believe in delivering the very best educational experiences possible to ensure a new generation of outstanding achievers.

" A true mentor, providing me with invaluable advice about how to write in a clear, precise and original way" 

Application Support, Law 

What We Offer

"Really fantastic, takes his time explaining things I find difficult"

A Level, Physics

"I don't know how I could have done it without this support. She made the whole thing feel easy and fun."

Oxford Application, English

How it Works

  1. Choose which service you are interested in (see “What We Offer”)

  2. Email us with the service you would like, relevant information about the student, any requirements you are looking for in a tutor e.g. gender, specialism etc.

  3. We will send you the profile of all available tutors who fit your specifications.  

  4. Choose the tutor you prefer.

  5. We will send your contact details to the tutor and leave you to discuss timing, pricing, etc. You can request an interview with the tutor if required.

  6.  Please get in touch if you have any questions, or check our FAQs. 

Meet The Tutors

Because our tutors are in high demand, we do not make all profiles and individual rates publicly available. Some of our current tutors have made their credentials partially viewable below as examples of the profiles we create. Please make an enquiry and we will match you with any appropriate tutors and send you their full profiles for you to make your choice (see “How it Works” for more information).


Dr Alexi Vellianitis,

Music and Application Support 

Doctorate in Musicology,

University of Oxford


Benjamin Graves, Maths, Sciences, and Philosophy Philosophy of Physics,

University of Oxford


Tom Marshall,

English, Humanities and Languages

M. Phil Anglo-Saxon, Norse and Celtic, University of Cambridge

Why Choose Canis Major?

Canis Major is almost unique amongst tutoring services in that we only employ tutors who have degrees from Oxford or Cambridge and who have a proven track record of helping students excel and achieve at the highest levels. Many of our tutors have received awards and scholarships in their field and all have demonstrated excellence in tutoring and coaching students for a wide range of exams.

Some of our tutors have also made significant contributions to the world of sports and the arts; current tutors include a blades-winning Oxford rower and an internationally performed playwright.

One of the main struggles for providers of tuition is regulating the quality of tuition provided. Many large tutoring websites simply do not have the resources to guarantee an elite service. Furthermore, almost anyone can sign up to these sites and background checks rarely include an interview.

At Canis Major, we scout out those individuals who have already demonstrated an exceptional talent for tutoring, and whom we have interviewed to ensure the highest standards of professionalism and care.