Creative Writing

Intermediate Level Course

Tutorials: 10

Length of Each Tutorial: 1 Hour

Recommended Age: 14+

Course Summary: If you want to be a writer, then this is the course for you. The Creative Writing course aims to give a student a comprehensive grounding in the essential theories and practices of creative rhetoric, and the tools with which to produce better, more skilful writing in any context, particularly literary. Throughout this course, you will be expected to engage critically with approaches to creative writing, asking questions of the extent to which we should ‘follow the rules’ and when, or why, we might break them. You will be given creative tasks which, whilst stimulating and fun, will test your ability to adapt to the requirements of a particular piece. You will complete the course with a deeper understanding of the mechanisms of creative writing, and a springboard of ideas for developing your own work.

What You Receive

10 One-on-one Tutorials

with an Expert Tutor

Interactive and Engaging Exercises and Prompts for Further Study

Lesson Recap Booklet to Save or Print

Report Card with Personal Appraisal from Tutor 


Course Details

Tutor:This course is taught by Rebekah King, one of the top humanities tutors at Canis Major, and a playwright whose work has been performed in major venues in the UK and abroad including: The Arena del Sole, Bologna; the Southwark Playhouse, London, and the Scottish Storytelling Centre, Edinburgh. Her first play was performed in St Peter’s College, Oxford, where she was studying her first masters degree in English Literature, after which she won a Birmingham Masters Scholarship to study a second masters taught jointly by the Shakespeare Institute and Royal Shakespeare Company. For this second masters degree she co-wrote a play for the RSC’s famous The Other Place theatre, and in 2019 alone she has won four competitive playwriting competitions. Though her focus has been on scriptwriting, she has written poems and short stories and has taught all aspects of creative writing.

Tutorial 1: Introduction: Some Good (and Bad) Perspectives on Creative Writing.

Tutorial 2: Rhetoric: The Secret of Shakespeare’s Success

Tutorial 3: Antony’s Speech or ‘How to Use Words to Rule a Mob'

Tutorial 4: Spells and Curses: When Rhetoric Is Dangerous

Tutorial 5: What is ‘prosody’? Mucking about with Meter

Tutorial 6: More Mucking about with Meter

Tutorial 7: Novel Ideas: What we can Learn from the Greats

Tutorial 8: Breaking the Rules: When and Why Writers Do It

Tutorial 9: “The Tay Bridge Disaster” Is there Such a Thing as ‘Bad’ Writing? (Yes)

Tutorial 10: Tips, Tricks, and Secrets 

Fees: £650

How it Works

  1. Get in touch (below) and let us know which course you are interested in

  2. We will put you in touch with the tutor(s), to schedule the hours of the course around a timetable that is convenient for you.

  3. Your tutor is paid directly through bank transfer*

  4. Tutorials are completed

  5. Student receives an e-certificate and report card

*please note that course fees must be paid in full before the second tutorial has been completed after which refunds cannot be given.

This course is intended to expand a student’s understanding of the topic, cultivate crucial academic skills, and serve as a demonstration of their commitment to learning and capacity for autodidactic study. It is thus the ideal complement to a university application; it cannot be substituted for any necessary element of an application, but it may enhance a student’s overall portfolio. The tutor’s comments in the personalised report received upon completion of the course may be used as references or quotes in an application process.

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