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How much will tuition cost?

Our tutors are handpicked for both their academic brilliance, and their high success rates with students. Their prices reflect this fact, and are made available upon enquiry. 

Do your tutors travel?

Usually our tutors work from home in an online classroom environment. Individual tutors may be willing to travel; please get in touch and let us know what you require and we will try to find an appropriate tutor.  

Which online platforms do your tutors use?

This depends upon the tutor. Skype is one of the most popular, since many students find it easy to use and have often already downloaded it on their computer. If your tutor requires that you download a special program, they will outline this in their profile which you will have the opportunity of reading before acquiring their services.

Are Canis Major tutors DBS checked?

Yes. We do not accept tutors who have not obtained an up-to-date DBS check confirming that they are safe to work with children and vulnerable people.

Can Canis Major guarantee that a student will pass an exam/gain a certain grade?

Our tutors will work hard to ensure that every student reaches their full potential. We strive to imbue an individual with the confidence and skills they need to excel. It is never possible to guarantee a particular grade, but one-on-one tuition greatly increases the chances of success

Can your tutors write my essay for me?

Writing an essay for a student is a form of cheating, and something we are absolutely not prepared to partake in. Many schools and universities will strip an individual of their qualification if they are found to have submitted work that is not theirs. What Canis Major is happy to do is to assist an individual with essay technique, and help plan and proofread such an assignment.

Who is Canis Major?

Canis Major is a small team of professional tutors who met at Oxford during their masters degrees and who came together to found a new, elite tutoring company based on their shared passion for providing the best possible educational experiences.

What does the name Canis Major mean?

Canis Major is the constellation that contains the brightest stars in the sky. It is also Latin for “big dog”, which we felt was appropriate for a service providing students with the top dogs of the tutoring industry!

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