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Online Tutoring

The tutors at Canis Major are in high demand and reach students from around the globe. This means that most of our tutoring is conducted online using platforms that are convenient for the student such as Skype, Facetime, Zoom and Oovoo.


Many prospective students are interested to know what online tutoring will be like and how it will differ from a face-to-face lesson. Below are some of our top reasons for choosing to learn online.


 If you are still unsure about whether or not online tutoring is for you, you can get in touch and organise a trial lesson.




The major advantage of online tutoring is that it is the most practical way of connecting with a tutor. Travelling time/cost is eliminated entirely, making it much easier to arrange a lesson around your and your tutor’s schedule. Students who frequently travel can take their tutor with them wherever they are in the world.




In the past, tutors mainly taught students who lived close enough to travel to them. With online tutoring, top tutors from the UK are brought straight to you meaning you will never have to compromise on getting the best tuition available.  




Many of our enquires come from expat or international students. If you are planning to come to study in the UK and want to prepare for the British education system, particularly top schools and universities, then online tutoring with a Canis Major tutor is a great step in the right direction.


High Quality Learning


Online tutoring has helped thousands of students achieve the highest possible grades and the tutors at Canis Major use online platforms to support students from around the world. Our tutors have all taught face-to-face as well as online with no differences in quality of lesson or success rate of students. 


Supporting Every Student


 For those who find face-to-face interaction difficult or suffer from shyness/anxiety, online tutoring can help a student to feel comfortable. Some students, for example, prefer not to be on camera. If you have particular requirements for tutoring, please let us know in you enquiry.

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