7 Reasons why Online Tutoring is the Future

Technological advances and an interconnected world has made online tutoring a new norm. But what exactly are the benefits?

No Travel

The first big advantage of online tutoring is that a student does not need to travel to their tutor. Wherever you live, online tuition allows you to study from the comfort of your home.

Reach the Best Tutors

Many of the best tutors out there are in high demand and teach back-to-back lessons so it simply isn’t possible for them to travel to each student. Tutoring online not only allows them to reach students from around the world, but means that they can reach more students overall. In the twenty first century there is now no reason why a learner in China cannot connect with an elite tutor based in Cambridge, UK. The best tutor is always a click away.

Better Resources

This is one that isn’t talked about as much as it should be in tutoring circles: online tuition allows for instant and unlimited sharing of past papers, key texts, course specifications and extra resources instantaneously. Students can choose what to download, print, or work from on the screen.

Native Speakers

Whether you’re learning English as a foreign language or preparing to study an academic subject in the UK, it is undeniably preferable to study with native speakers. “When in Rome, do as the Romans do”— but with online tuition, the Romans come to you!

Learn on the Go

Going on holiday? Visiting a relative? Don’t want to miss your weekly class? No problem! As long as there’s an internet connection, you can keep up with your tutoring, or get in touch in an emergency.

No Stress

Students who suffer from issues like anxiety can struggle to face up to an in-person lesson, but tutors are increasingly using online platforms to adjust to the comfort levels of learners with special needs.

Great Quality Lessons

The final advantage is simply that, on top of all that is listed above, online tutoring has proved just as effective as in-person tuition for boosting confidence, improving technique, and maximizing grades. Expert tutors are using online platforms to reach and support more students than ever before.

About Canis Major

Canis Major is an elite group of tutors, handpicked for their experience and expertise, who tutor students of all ages and have worked with clients from around the world. All Canis Major tutors have a first class undergraduate degree from a Russell Group university, a postgraduate degree from either Oxford or Cambridge, a 4.5 star rating or above from former students, and at least two years of private tuition experience. Online or in person, students receive the best support available from some of Britain’s brightest minds.

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