Terms and Conditions

  1. Introduction

    1. For the purpose of these Terms, ‘Canis Major’, ‘we’ and ‘the company’ will refer to Canis Major Tutors.

    2. Canis Major exists as an intermediary to facilitate private tuition arrangements, and works on behalf of both the providers and recipients of this tuition.

      1. In order to differentiate between Canis Major's clients for the purposes of these terms, and to clarify the expectations attached to each:

      2. ‘The Tutor’ will refer to the provider of teaching, mentorship or consultation in any arrangement.

      3. ‘The Student’ will refer to the recipient of tuition, and/or to the person or organisation responsible for payment of the Tutor’s invoices.

    3. In engaging the services of the Tutor, the Student enters into a private agreement with a self-employed individual, which for these purposes will be referred to as ‘the Project’. A single continuous instance of tuition, of any length, whether conducted in person or by electronic means, will be referred to as ‘a session’.

    4. We reserve the right to amend these Terms as may be required, at any time. Reasonable efforts will be made to inform both Students and Tutors of any such changes, after which time any continued use of our services will constitute acceptance of these changes.

  2. Acceptance of these Terms

    1. Upon contacting Canis Major to arrange tuition, the Student will be considered to have accepted these terms, in so far as they pertain to this initial enquiry, and the Canis Major Placement Fee (7.2). Upon selection of the Tutor and confirmation of the Project, the Student will be considered to have accepted these terms in their entirety. Canis Major undertakes to make this clear by email. The Tutor may set their own terms, in discussion with the Student, prior to the commencement of tuition, or at a later stage if necessary.

    2. Any tutor who engages Canis Major’s services must abide by all of the Terms and Conditions set out here, and will be considered to be in agreement with them from the time that their profile is approved on Canis Major's database.

    3. In accepting these Terms, it is understood that Canis Major can make no guarantee as to the outcome of a Project, in respect of grades or certification from any educational institution. The quality of the Student’s academic work remains their responsibility, and the role of the Tutor will never be more than advisory.

    4. Acceptance of these Terms will also be understood to signify acceptance of Canis Major’s Privacy Policy.

  3. Unethical Practice

    1. Canis Major does not condone any practice which could be construed as plagiarism, or a violation of intellectual property rights, and will not endorse the actions of the Tutor if they are deemed to constitute an inappropriate level of involvement in a student’s work, including but not limited to the completion of any written work on the Student’s behalf.

    2. In line with industry and quality standards, Canis Major reserves the right immediately to withdraw their services from any Tutor or Student found to have engaged in such practices, or caused them to have been engaged in, or to have requested that this be done.

    3. No party found to have acted in this way will have any protection under these terms, nor will they be eligible for any refund of payment already made.

    4. Any arrangement made directly between Tutor and Student, without Canis Major’s involvement, and without payment to Canis Major will not be protected under these terms, and Canis Major will not undertake to administer any part of such an arrangement, or to enforce any agreements relating to it. Canis Major also reserves the right immediately to withdraw their services from either or both of the parties involved, either in relation to this or any other Project.

  4. Withdrawal of Charges for Tuition

    1. In cases where the Student is dissatisfied with the Tutor to whom they have been introduced, we will not invoice or take payment for the first hour of tuition, provided that:

      1. The project does not continue beyond one session.

      2. The Student contacts Canis Major as soon as possible, and no later than 24 hours after the session itself, explicitly to invoke this policy.

      3. The grounds for dissatisfaction are judged to be reasonable.

    2. Canis Major reserves the right to determine what constitute reasonable grounds for dissatisfaction, based on industry practice. As a guide, evidently poor preparation or provision of inaccurate information are likely to constitute reasonable grounds, as this would generally be considered bad practice by other educators. However, objections to widely-practised teaching methods would not; similarly a tutor’s inability to answer questions on a topic for which they have had little or no opportunity to prepare, or of a more complex nature than originally discussed, would not be considered sufficient grounds, as no tutor could reasonably be expected to meet such expectations.

    3. This policy will not apply to independent work undertaken by the tutor before tuition begins, provided that this work and the associated charges have been agreed with the client beforehand in principle and in particular. Where such work has been undertaken, the first hour of full tuition will still be subject to this policy.

    4. Where this policy is invoked, Canis Major will undertake to identify an alternative tutor, where possible, and to arrange a new project.

    5. Continuation of tuition with the original tutor, while permissible, would be considered a withdrawal of any previous statement of dissatisfaction. As a result, the charge for the initial session would again be payable. Any such tuition must continue to be administered through Canis Major. 

    6. While we expect that a Tutor with our network would respect the decision of the Student in such a case, and refrain from raising any dispute or claim for payment with them directly, Canis Major cannot prevent a self-employed individual from taking such steps.

    7. It is very much the preference of Canis Major to maintain successful and productive projects where possible, and as such we strongly encourage open discussion between Tutor and Student, so that a schedule and billing structure acceptable to both can be established, to the benefit of all. We sincerely hope, however, that these conciliatory efforts will not be construed as indicative of a desire to avoid honouring the above policy.

  5. Charges for Tuition

    1. The Tutor may set their own hourly rate for the Project. When multiple tutors offer different rates, these rates will be outlined to the Student, including but not limited to preparation time (See 6.1) and additional expenses (See 7.3), before the Student selects their tutor.

  6. Preparation Charges and Work Outside Sessions

    1. In some instances it may be appropriate for the Tutor to invoice for work undertaken outside sessions. The Tutor must obtain written agreement from the client for the work to be undertaken, and should pass this on to Canis Major, in case of dispute. They should also inform the client of the time taken and the hours to be logged once this work has been completed. Canis Major will not undertake to endorse an invoice for charges of this kind in the absence of prior written agreement.

  7. Other Charges

    1. Placement Fee

      1. To engage the services of Canis Major in identifying the most suitable tutor for their requirements, and in administering the subsequent project, the Student is required to pay a fee, called the ‘Placement Fee’.

      2. This fee is payable only once the Student and Tutor have been introduced, the project has been confirmed, and a successful first lesson has been completed. It is left to the discretion of the Student to determine whether or not the lesson is successful. The fee will remain payable in the event that the Project does not continue beyond this introduction, unless the Project is terminated at the instigation of the Tutor, or unless Canis Major are satisfied that the Tutor is unsuitable.

      3. The fee required for a standard enquiry is £30.

  8. Billing

    1. Tutors are paid directly by the Student and pay a commission to Canis Major. 

  9. Cancellation

    1. A minimum of 24 hours’ notice is required for cancellation or rescheduling of any session, by either party.

    2. Where less than the required minimum notice is given by the Student, they should expect to pay for half of the cost of the planned session, plus any agreed expenses already incurred in respect of the session, for which an invoice will be raised by Canis Major on the Tutor’s behalf. Ultimately any cancellation charges are at the Tutor’s discretion, and the Tutor is at liberty to set their own terms in this respect, in agreement with the Student.

    3. Where the Tutor is at fault, this will constitute grounds for termination of the project, should the student desire it, and Canis Major will undertake where possible to arrange an alternative tutor.

  10. Absence

    1. Where the Student fails to attend a session (if properly arranged and agreed upon beforehand) without at least two hours’ notice, they will be liable for the full value of the planned session.

    2. Where the Tutor fails to attend a session (if properly arranged and agreed upon beforehand) without at least two hours’ notice, we would expect that they would rearrange the session at the Student’s convenience.

  11. Disputes

    1. Canis Major takes seriously its obligation at all times to represent the interests both of the Student and the Tutor in any project, and to work for the benefit of all parties. Where disputes arise, Canis Major will act as an impartial intermediary, and will attempt to reach a resolution acceptable to both sides, within the parameters of these Terms. In the interest of avoiding unnecessary disputes, the following conditions apply:

      1. In the event that the Student wishes to dispute the hours billed for in an invoice, Canis Major will not undertake to uphold this invoice unless evidence is provided by the Tutor that these hours are correct. This must be in the form of a time-sheet which has been shown to the Student for approval, and preferably signed by them. The only other acceptable evidence is the automatic record provided by online communication software such as Skype, Zoom or BitPaper. Hours logged on Canis Major's system for invoicing will not in themselves constitute sufficient evidence.

      2. Where the dispute relates to a specific charge, for example an expense, or a charge for work undertaken outside sessions, Canis Major will not undertake to uphold the relevant invoice without evidence of the Student’s explicit acceptance of this charge. This should be in writing, and should have been obtained before the work was undertaken, or the expense incurred.

    2. Although not obliged to do so, Canis Major may choose to endorse a disputed invoice, in the absence of the evidence listed in clauses 11.1.1 and 11.1.2, but any such endorsement remains entirely discretionary.

  12. Liability/Damages

    1. Canis Major accepts no liability for the outcome of any project we administer, or any academic judgement made upon the Student’s work by any educational institution or professional body with which they may be affiliated. Responsibility for the success or failure of their efforts rests ultimately with the Student.

      1. Acceptance of these Terms constitutes an agreement to indemnify Canis Major, without limit, in respect of any claims arising out of, or relating to, tuition services arranged through our agency.

      2. Any offer made by Canis Major in the event of dissatisfaction on the part of the student is at the discretion of the company, and does not constitute acceptance of responsibility for the outcome of the project.

    2. In cases where payment owed to the Tutor cannot be retrieved from the Student, Canis Major accepts no liability for this payment. As a self-employed contractor, the Tutor must accept the financial risk associated with private tuition and non-payment.

  13. Termination of Tuition

    1. A project may be terminated at any time, by either party. We would hope that respect for the professional nature of this relationship would encourage direct discussion of any proposed termination between Tutor and Student, but Canis Major will act as intermediary where requested, except where a session has been arranged within 72 hours of notice being given to Canis Major, in which case direct contact is required.

    2. Provided that this is not the case, a request for termination made to Canis Major will be sufficient for the project to be considered complete. Any outstanding invoices must still be honoured.

  14. Data Protection

    1. We process the personal data of clients solely for the purposes of communication, effecting introductions between clients, and billing. For further information, please see our Privacy Policy.